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3M™ DBI-SALA® Advanced 300 Series Digital Winch w/ Power Drive

Adv. 300 Dig Winch w/ PD
3M™ DBI-SALA® - Advanced 300 Series Digital Winch with Power Drive
This Digital 300 Series winch includes a removable aluminum crank handle option to utilize both our 9:1 and 4:1 drives. These two drives offer the capability of retrieval/descent at average speeds from 13ft/min (4 m/min) up to 30 ft/min (9 m/min).

The Power Drive Digital Winch features power drive hub on the 9:1 drive. An overload protection clutch installs between this power drive hub and an electric or pneumatic drill to eliminate overloading the winch during retrieval. This clutch also protects the winch operator and the retrieved worker from injury. The clutch is installed and removed without the use of tools when switching to the 4:1 manual crank option in emergencies.

**UCL recommends tested drills for use with this winch, please refer to our specification sheet 12935/12936.

*** Overload Protection Clutches sold separately.


Advanved Digital 300 Series Winches
Power Drive
 Part Numbers
240ft Galvanized Cable - w/ Power Drive 8518610
290ft Galvanized Cable - w/ Power Drive 8518611
240ft Stainless Steel Cable - w/ Power Drive 8518608
290ft Stainless Steel Cable - w/ Power Drive 8518609
Weight 50-53.5lbs