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3M™ DBI-SALA® EZ-Stop™ - 100% Tie-Off 6ft Web Shock Absorbing Lanyard #1246021


 3M™ DBI-SALA® - EZ-Stop™ II - 100% Tie-Off Shock Absorbing Lanyard with 2-1/4" Aluminum Hooks at one end #1246021

The EZ Stop® shock absorbing lanyards combine a set of "industry-first" advancements with popular features making htem the workhorse of the industry. These lanyards are tough as the guys tha use them. They are the worlds smallest and lightest shock absorber, water-repellant and abrasion-resistantwebbing. This lanyards unique energy absorbing system will activate if a fall occurs stopping the fall and redusing the forces imposed on the user to safe levels. These lanyards are specifically designed to allow you to open and connect the hook without getting our thumb or fingers in the way even with gloves on!

Capacity 130-310 lbs. (59-141kg)
Brand 3M™ DBI-SALA®
Sub Brand EZ-Stop™
Size 6 ft. (1.8m)
Velocity Ship Yes
iSafe Equipped Yes
Anchor Connector Hook Type Rebar Hook
Energy Absorber Class 6 ft (1.8 m) Free Fall/MAAF 900 lbs. (4 kN)
Harness Connector Hook Type Snap Hook
Lanyard Type Fixed
Number Of legs Double-Leg 100% Tie-Off
Lanyard Length 6 ft. (1.8m)
Thread/Stitching Polyester
Label Vinyl
General Lanyard Web
Anchor Connection Hook Aluminum
Detailed Lanyard 3/4" (1.9cm) Polyester Web
Energy Absorber Vectran™
Energy Absorber Cover Nylon
Harness Connection Hook Aluminum
Model 1246021
Physical Weight 0.00 lbs (0.0kg)
Product Styles Standard
Product Types Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Standards OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req., ANSI A10.32, ANSI Z359.13


  • -6 ft. (1.8m) double-leg 100% tie-off lanyard
    Allows user to “leap-frog” while moving from one location to another for added mobility, staying tied-off at all times for 100% fall protection.
  • -Extremely compact and lightweight
    Feature the world's smallest shock absorber and thinnest webbing for improved ease of use and comfort.
  • -Exclusive Hi-10™ Vectran™ energy absorption system
    High tenacity performance delivers excellent abrasion, cut, and chemical resistance, and immediately begins to extend and absorb energy during a fall, limiting arresting forces to safe levels.
  • -Repel™ webbing
    Water repellent to reduce attraction of mold and dirt providing added abrasion resistance.
  • -Aluminum self locking snap hook at center
    Lightweight, automatically locks and closes for added safety, and allow you to open and connect without getting your thumb or fingers in the way - even with gloves on.
  • -Aluminum locking gate/nose rebar hook at leg ends
    Lightweight, automatically locks and closes including the nose for maximum strength and security, and its 2-1/2" (62.5mm) large gate opening fits over larger anchorage structures.
  • -Built-in reflective materials
    Integrated on the shock absorber cover for enchanced visibility in low light conditions.
  • -Impact indicator
    A deployed energy absorber will allow user to visually see if the lanyard has been involved in a fall, providing safe, simple and reliable inspection.
  • -Protected labels, equipped with i-Safe™
    A Velcro® cover protects lanyard labels and holds an i-Safe™identification tag for recording and storing information on