Honeywell North RPFP100A Air Filtration Panel

Honeywell North RPFP100A Air Filtration Panel

Honeywell North RPFP60A Air Filtration Panel

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Honeywell North RPFP60A Air Filtration Panel.

The new North portable air filtration panels will convert your shop air used for pneumatic tools
and equipment to clean breathable air. OSHA regulations and CSA standard
require that your source of breathable air meet a specific standard before
you use an airline respirator with it.

Filtration panel for 4 workers with Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm set to
OSHA Regulations (alarm at 10 ppm).

These 3 stage portable filtration panels purify compressed air by removing water, oil and particulate contaminants. Also a carbon monoxide monitor, which can be operated in AC or DC mode, activates an audible and visual alarm when concentration of CO exceeds 10 PPM.

*Optional Remote CO Alarm (

Description Part Number
4 Person Filtration Panel RPFP60A
Remote CO Alarm RPFPRA

Max Flow Max Inlet Dimensions & Weight Part Number
60 CFM 150 psig 21” x 14.5” x 6.75” 22 lbs RPFP60A

Potential Applications:

  • -Painting
  • -Confined Space
  • -Abatement (Asbestos)
  • -Cleaning
  • -Maintenance
  • -Sandblasting
  • -Construction
  • -Municipal
  • -Chemical products
  • -Climatisation 


• -Sealed safety case
• -Clear window
• -Lockable case
• -Pelican case
• -Support stand
• -Connection for CO alarm
• -Easy replacement filter
• -Label with accessories & parts
• -Pressure regulator with adjustable knob and locking ring
• -CO monitor features a visual alarm & up to 90 db audible sound


• -Protects from dust & liquid infiltration
• -You can see the pressure gauge inside the case
• -No one can change the flow (peace of mind)
• -Highly resistant product
•- Offers more stability while case is up-right
• -50 feet CO remote alarm, available
• -Easy accessibility
• -Easy access to replacement part number