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VelociCalc - Rental

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SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitor AM520 - Rental

Geotech Interface Probe - Rental

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Rent the Geotech Interface Probe

The interface probe can be used in a variety of applications including measuring oil and water levels in wells, detecting tank leakage and obtaining accurate measurments of water levels. The storage reel is made out of an extremely durable pollyproylene material with a rugged aluminum frame. It comes with a 200ft coated steel tape mared in engineering or metric units. When the probe contacts product and water an audible and visible alarm will activate on the reel. It comes with a water resistant padded carrying case to protet the instrument.

Geotech Interface Probe Specification Sheet

Size 13" H x 11" W x 7" L (33cm H x 28cm W x 18cm D)
Length/Weight 200 foot (60 meters) = 11 lbs. (5 kg)
Accuracy 100th of a foot/100' Per Federal Specification GGG-T-106E

200' Reel - Polypropylene and aluminum

Tape - Kynar® coated steel

Probe - 316 stainless steel, ETP, PTFE

Power : 9 Volt DC alkaline battery
Alarm Audible and Visual


  • - Extremely durable polypropylene storage reel and rugged aluminum frame
  • - Highly accurate coated steel tape marked in engineering or metric units
  • - Field replaceable probe is only 5/8" in diameter
  • - Stainless steel conductors for durability
  • - PFTE and stainless steel probe with ETP strain relief
  • - Audible and visible alarms activated on reel when the probe contacts product and water
  • - Auto shut-off circuit to extend battery life
  • - Easily replaceable 9 volt battery
  • - Water resistant padded carrying case to protect instrument
  • - Built in reel hanger for longer tape life