Hard Hat Winter Liner #325 Plus

Hard Hat Winter Liner #325 Plus

Illumagear® Halo™ SL Hard Hat Light

Illumagear® Halo™ SL Hard Hat Light

Honeywell Fibre-Metal QuickSwitch Combination Systems


Honeywell Fibre-Metal QuickSwitch Combination Systems. 

For multi-hazard conditions, protective capes must be uised in combination with a variety of eye and face protection equipment. For greater cost savings, productivity and convenience, most Fibre-Metal welding helmets, faceshields, protective masks, and welding goggles can be combined with protective caps.

Model 5000 Speedy Loop Mounting System:

  • For frequent on/off use with protective caps
  • Fully adjustable to fit any style of hard hat
  • Welding helmets, faceshields and goggles may be mounted while the cap is on the head. No tools or modifications required.

Model 4000 Quick-Lok Mounting Blocks:

  • For secure long-term combination use
  • Quick-Lok mounting blocks come pre-installed exclusively on Fibre-Metal hard hats or sold separately as a kit

Model 6000 Quick-Lok Mounting Blades:

  • For use with protective caps with mounting slots


 Suspension  Honeywell Fibre-Metal
Part Number
 Speedy Loop Mounting System  5000
Quick-Lok Mounting Blocks 4000
Quick-Lok Mounting Blades 6000