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Illumagear® Halo™ Hard Hat Light

Halo Hard Hat Light

Illumagear® Halo™ Hard Hat Light

The Illumagear Halo Hard Hat Light is a lightweight and cordless hard hat attachment that offers powerful 360° flood task lighting for up to 34 hours depending on which of the four lighting modes used. The standard Halo light mode is 360° making you visible for over a 1/4 mile away in all directions. The HI-Alert light mode is a rotating pulsing light used to help maximize the wearer's chance of being seen. The Task light mode moves all the lighting to the front third of the Halo with 200% power illuminating the wearer's workspace out to the visual periphery. The Dim light mode is a low-power 360° lighting solution used when full brightness is not needed. The attachment is powered by a single on-board Li-Ion rechargeable battery that provides lighting over 5 1/2 hours on the highest power mode and 34 hours on the lowest power mode. The Halo LED light was designed for people working in tough environments and is the best replacement for headlamps. Its IP67 rating mean dust, dirt, mud, water, rain, and snow have no effect. This accessory will attach to any standard hard hat.


31 x 260 x 330mm


Battery Runtime
With a fully charged ILLUMAGEAR 18650 battery, runtime on a single mode will exceed:
Halo mode: 5.5 hrs
Task mode: 5.5 hrs
HI-Alert mode: 14 hrs
Dim mode: 34 hrs

Halo mode: 202 lumens
Task mode: 183 lumens, 77.2 candela
HI-Alert mode: fluctuating luminosity
Dim mode: 41 lumens

3.7V @ 0.6 amps

Safety Standards
UL 1638, CSA C22.2, UL 8750
IEC/EN 60598-1, IEC/EN 60598-2-4
IEC/EN 62031
IP Rating 67
Dielectric strength: 30,000V minimum


-Lightweight and cord-free
-Visible over 1/4 mile away in all directions at all times
-Powerful flood task light for improved work efficiency
-LED light fully illuminates the task area out to the visual periphery
-Eliminates shadows no matter where you move
-Four light modes: Halo, HI-Alert, Task, Dim
-Built tough to survive in rough work environments
-Rechargeable battery runtime of 5.5-34 hrs (mode dependent)
-Connects securely to any hard hat
-IP Rating of 67 to protect against dust, dirt, and water
-Easy single button functionality