JOBOX- #1-656990 Heavy Duty On-Site Storage Chest 24.3 Cu.Ft.

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Jobox Storage Chest

JOBOX- On Site Heavy Duty Storage Chest #1-656990.

Jobox is the strongest, most durable storage chest in the industry.


48 x 30 x 33-3/8

Usable Cubic Feet:

Shipping Cubic Feet:

175 lbs.

Optional Casters available: (Sold Seperately)

4" Caster Set - 
Consists of 2 ea- Rigid 4" Casters and 2 ea 4" Swivel Casters.

6" Caster Set - 
Consists of 2 ea- Rigid 6" Casters and 2 ea 6" Swivel Casters.

*Caster Sets come with mounting hardware.

Safety Features:

  •  Handle Recesses- Extra tall and deep recess area prevent pinched fingers when lifting handles; as well as protecting handles from damage during transport and storage.
  •  Heavy Duty Locking Arms Support Lid- 1" wide heavy duty steel locking arms resist bending. Arms securely lock lid in open position to prevent accidental closing.
  • Superior Security Features:
  •  Superior Strength to break-ins- Super strong lids are heavily reinforced to resist pry bars and forced entry. Reinforcements create strength for long-term durability.
  • Bolt Cutter Free Locking System- Padlock shackles are protected from cutting tools inside 12-gauge steel housings. Padlocks cannot be pried out or pulled out of the housing.
  •  Super-Duty Hinge Resists Forced Entry- Rugged 14-gauge steel 3/8" continuous hinge with 1/4" steel pin and extra large 1" knuckles. Staked and welded pin cannot be driven out.

Rugged Durability Features:

  •  Grip Rite Channels Resist Damage- Deep recessed Grip Rite channels reinforce lid and cannot be damaged by passing equipment. Easy to grip when wet or wearing gloves.
  •  Rain Drain System Protects Contents- Wind driven rain entering the padlock housings is drained to the outside of the box. Channeling water away from the interior protects the contents and box from damage.
  •  Extra-Strong Bootom Bolsters for Heavy Loads- New Bolster design provides the strength of 9-gauge laminated steel for twice the load-carrying capacity. Tall 3 3/8" forklift height.