JOBOX- #1-682990 Heavy Duty On-Site Storage Piano Box 47.5 Cu.Ft.

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Jobox 682990 Storage Piano Box
JOBOX- Heavy Duty Storage Piano Box #1-682990.

Jobox is the strongest, most durable Piano storage chest Boxes in the industry.

60 x 31 - 11/32 x 49.5 (inches)

Usable Cubic Feet:

Shipping Cubic Feet:

323 lbs.

Optional Casters available: (Sold Seperately)

4" Caster Set-
Consists of 2 ea- Rigid 4" Casters and 2 ea 4" Swivel Casters.

6" Caster Set-
Consists of 2 ea- Rigid 6" Casters and 2 ea 6" Swivel Casters.

*Caster Sets come with mounting hardware.

Flexible Storage Features:

 Two Shelves for Storing Heavy Items - 12" wide, full-length heavy duty shelves on back wall are extra-strong to hold heavy equipment or tools. Front lips are hemmed to add extra strength. * Model # 688990 has only one shelf.

 Extra-Wide Storage Bins on Sides - Small parts or tools storage bin is located on both side walls for convenience. One side is punched to hold screwdrivers, chisels, and other long tools. Bins also havereinforced side walls.

 Hinged Tint-N-Stow Shelf - Supports up to 500lbs. when lowered. Tilts up to gain nearly 12" of additional vertical storage space when needed for taller, bulky items. * Not available on Model # 688990.

Superior Security Features:

 Door Reinforced for Security - Deep, extra wide bolsters on the door provide increased strength and rigidity. Doors are equipped with high-strength continuous hinges. Door offers superior security and resistant to break-ins.

 Door Bottom Resists Break-Ins - Extra heavy duty 12- gauge flange on bottom of the door overlaps the front body top rail. Anchors door to protect contents from break-ins with pry bars or other tools.

 Bolt Cutter Free Locking System- Padlock shackles are protected from cutting tools inside 12-gauge steel housings. Padlocks cannot be pried out or pulled out of the housing.

Rugged Durability Features:

 Handle Recesses- Extra tall and deep recess area prevent pinched fingers when lifting handles; as well as protecting handles from damage during transport and storage.

 High Strength Top Rail for Security - Extra wide top rail has deep side flanges providing super duty strength to resist break-ins with pry bars. Extra strong top rail also resists damage for long term use.
 Guard Protects Gas Springs - Heavy duty gas springs are protected surrounded by a guard to prevent damage. Springs assist in opening and closing door. Heavy duty Quick release hitch pins secure springs to bracket.

 Rain Drain System Protects Contents- Wind driven rain entering the padlock housings is drained to the outside of the box. Channeling water away from the interior protects the contents and box from damage.

 Extra-Strong Bootom Bolsters for Heavy Loads- New Bolster design provides the strength of 9-gauge laminated steel for twice the load-carrying capacity. Tall 3 3/8" forklift height.