Guardian® 6ft CR5 Web SRL - Steel Rebar Hook (Single Leg)

Guardian® 6ft CR5 Web SRL - Steel Rebar Hook (Single Leg)

Guardian® 6ft CR5 Web SRL - Steel Snap Hook (Single Leg)


Guardian® 6ft CR5 Web SRL - Steel Snap Hook (Single Leg) -

The CR5 Personal SRL is part of Guardian's strongest lineup of SRLs in the industry. This feature rich 6' web SRL has been built for strength and durability to take the toughest tasks while working at height. Integrated with a stronger housing, increased dynamic & static strength, integrated fall clearance charts, and a digitally enabled QR code for instant access to product specifications. This lightweight Class 1 Personal SRL can be used in a combination of either fall arrest or travel restraint applications.

CR5 Web Technical Data Sheet

Length 6 ft.
Legs Single
User weight range (including tools and

ANSI : 130-310 lb

OSHA: 100-420 lb

Hook Type Steel Snap Hook
Class Class 1 SRL (ANSI Z359.14-2021)
Part Number 1400198




- Class 1 Anchor at or above dorsal D-ring

- Swivel top connection point- Swivels 360 degrees to ensure the device remains in the best orientation during use and also helps prevent lifeline snagging or tangling

- Impact modified thermoplastic housing- Super lightweight & durable for long-lasting use in the toughest applications

- Digitally enabled labels- QR code for quick and easy access to up-to-date safety and product information

- Guardian shock pack cover- Helps increase product longevity and protect safety labeling

- Integrated fall clearance charts- Fall clearance charts integrated into shock pack cover for easy access to clearance charts anytime, anywhere

- Reinforced webbing guide Added strength and reduces webbing friction

- Multiple hook options available- Choose steel or aluminum snap or rebar hooks, depending on job requirements and anchorage type