Safe-T™ Ladder Extension System

Safe-T™ Ladder Extension System

Guardian® Ladder Cable Climbing System

Guardian® Cable Climbing System

Guardian Fall - Cable Climbing System-

The Guardian Fall Protection Cable Climbing System offers users easy installation with superior energy-absorbing properties making it an ideal personal fall arrest system (PFAS) solution for vertical applications.

Part #  Description
1400305 Cable Climbing 20ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets
1400306 Cable Climbing 30ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 1 Cable Guide
1400307 Cable Climbing 40ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 1 Cable Guide
1400308 Cable Climbing 50ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 2 Cable Guides
1400309 Cable Climbing 60ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 2 Cable Guides
1400310 Cable Climbing 70ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 3 Cable Guides
1400311 Cable Climbing 80ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 3 Cable Guides
1400312 Cable Climbing 90ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 4 Cable Guides
1400313 Cable Climbing 100ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 4 Cable Guides
1400314 Cable Climbing 125ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 6 Cable Guides
1400315 Cable Climbing 150ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 7 Cable Guides
1400316 Cable Climbing 175ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 8 Cable Guides
1400317 Cable Climbing 200ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 9 Cable Guides
1400318 Cable Climbing 225ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 11 Cable Guides
1400319 Cable Climbing 250ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 12 Cable Guides
1400320 Cable Climbing 275ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 13 Cable Guides
1400321 Cable Climbing 300ft w/ Top & Bottom Brackets, 14 Cable Guides
1400345 Rubber Cable Assembly
25034 C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve
1400143 Top Bracket Extension Assembly (galvanized)
*Ladders are NOT INCLUDED!

- Galvanized Steel Mounting Brackets with mounting hardware included-Patent-Pending Durable And Convenient System Installation with all hardware included
- Reduces installation hardware by up to 25%
- Integrated Patent-Pending Shock Absorber: Reduced arresting forces with a pre-swaged all metal design
- Cable Guides Included: Secures cable in place and effortlessly disconnects for smooth transition
- ANSI Z359.16 Compliant when used with Guardian C7 Cable Climbing Sleeve
- 3/8” 1x7 Galvanized Steel Cable: Resists cuts and abrasions
- Heavy duty construction for a long-lasting design
- Easy Tensioning System: Apply and maintain proper cable tension with simple hand tools
- Utilizes 3/8", 1x7, galvanized steel cable
- * vs leading ANSI Z359.16 System. Less installation parts. Less risk for dropped objects.