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SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitor AM520 - Rental

Rental AM520 SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitor
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Rent the SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitor AM520


The AM520 SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitor is a small portable photometer that provides real-time aerosol mass concentration readings of dusts, fumes, mists, smoke, and fog within a worker’s breathing zone. The inlet conditioners increase the mass concentration capability and provide size fraction cut points for PM10, PM4 respirable, PM5 China respirable, PM2.5, PM1, and 0.8 DPM diesel particulate matter. The SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitor is a great solution for real-time personal aerosol sampling in many different work environments. Common places it can be used are confined spaces, construction sites, and chemical plants.




Sensor Type: 90° light scattering, 650 nm laser diode

Calibration: Calibrated against a gravimetric reference using the respirable fraction of standard ISO 12103-1, A1 Test Dust

Aerosol Concentration Range: 0.001 to 100 mg/m3

Particle Size Range: 0.1 to 10 µm

Minimum Resolution: 0.001 mg/m3

Zero Stability: ±0.001 mg/m3 over 24 hours using 10 second time constant

Temperature Coefficient: Approximately +0.0005 mg/m3 per °C (for variations from temperature at which instrument was last zeroed)


Flow Rate

Range User-adjustable, 0 to 1.8 liters/min (L/min) Note: Upper range is dependent onimpactor or cyclone attached to the SidePak AM520 Monitor


Temperature Range

Operating Range: 32° F to 120° F (0° C to 50° C)

Storage Range: -4° F to 140° F (-20° C to 60° C)

Operational Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing


Time Constant (OLED Display)

Range User-adjustable, from 1 to 60 seconds


Built-in Inlets

Standard inlet: Not size-specific

PM1.0 impactor: 50% cut-off at 1.0 µm

PM2.5 impactor: 50% cut-off at 2.5 µm

PM5.0 impactor: 50% cut-off at 5.0 µm

PM10 impactor: 50% cut-off at 10.0 µm


Attachable Cyclones

4 µm Dorr-Oliver: 50% cut-off at 4.0 µm

0.8 µm DPM: 50% cut-off at 0.8 µm



Alarm Types: General, STEL

Default Settings: 0.5 mg/m3, 1 mg/m3, 3 mg/m3, 5 mg/m3, 15 mg/m3, Off

Programmable from 0.001 to 999 mg/m3 through TrakPro Software

Alarm Indicator: 95 dBA (at one foot) audible horn, blinking red LED, flashing red OLED display

Ringback Delay: 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, Off


Data Logging

Data Points: Approx. 80,000 (55 days logging once per minute)

Logging Interval: User-adjustable, from 1 second to 60 minutes


User-Select Calibration Factors

Factory Setting: 1.0 (non-adjustable)

Ambient Setting: 0.38 (non-adjustable)

User-Defined Settings: 5, with user-defined labels via TrakPro Software

Range: 0.1 to 10.0, user-adjustable



External Dimensions 5.1 x 3.7 x 3.1 inch / 129.5 mm x 94 mm x 78.4 mm with 803300 battery

Weight: 22 oz (0.62 kg) with 803300 battery

Display: 160 x 128 resolution color OLED display

Tripod Mounting Nut: ¼-20 female thread



Rating: 5400 mAH Li-Ion Pack

Run Time: Greater than 20 hours at 1.7Lpm with a PM2.5 impactor

Charge Time: 4.0 hours (typical with a fully depleted battery)


Power Supply (p/n 803302)

Input Voltage Range: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

Output Voltage: 12 VDC @ 3.0A



Factory Clean/Calibrate: Recommended annually

User Zero Calibration: Before each use

User Flow Calibration: As needed with use of inlet conditioner


Communications Interface

Type: USB 2.0

Connector, Instrument: USB Micro-B (socket)


Minimum Computer Requirements for TrakPro Software

Communications Port: Universal Serial Bus (USB) v2.0 or higher

Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) operating systems

Download TSI Software and Firmware Wizard:



AM520 with TSI Battery Pack P/N 803300



-Robust impactors for higher mass concentration range

-Audible and visual alarms

-0.8 μm DPM impactor

-PM5 China respirable size fraction impactor

-High capacity battery

-Color OLED display

-Real-time mass concentration measurement and data logging for "in-the-field" data analysis

-Push button menu operation or programmable through newly improved TrakPro™ v5 Software

-User-selectable alarm levels to alert workers to high aerosol concentrations

-Newly designed robust impactors enable reliable size fraction measurements at higher aerosol concentrations over longer run times