QRAE 3 with Pump - Rental

QRAE 3 with Pump - Rental

RAELink 3 Mesh - Rental

RAELink 3 Mesh - Rental


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weatherpak rental


The WEATHERPAK® for RAE Systems is a professional quality weather station made by Coastal Enviornmental Systems and has been the first choice by first responders for over 20 years.  The WEATHERPAK® is designed to be rapidly deployed (by one person) in or near the hot-zone. Constructed of "non-sparking" aluminum WEATHERPAK® is safe to use.....The electronics are instrinsically safe, protected against RF and other electromagnetic interference. No tools are required for assembly.

WEATHERPAK® has no plastic or PVC
 structural components. It is impervious to most airborne chemicals, moisture and most harsh enviornmental conditions. The WEATHERPAK® is the only weather station available that is designed specifically for First Responders and that can withstand the rigors assoiated with this job.

WEATHERPAK® integrates in with RAE Systems' ProRAE Guardian software as a wireless device with an internal RAELink 3 wireless modem.

*We not only sell the WEATHERPAK®, but also Rent the WEATHERPAK®. The basic system would come with a Host Computer System with Guardian Software and WEATHERPAK® Kit........Call for details.

WEATHERPAK® Measurements:

-Ultra-sonic wind sensor. (no moving parts)
-Wind Speed
-Wind direction
-GPS Location

WEATHERPAK® Applications:

-Chemical / Biological Response
-Disaster Prepardness
-Wildland Fire Weather

WEATHERPAK® Specification Sheet