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Pyramex Lens Cleaning Station


Pyramex Disposable Lens Cleaning Station.

The Pyramex Disposable Lens Cleaning Station is Sturdy, economical and provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs in the plant or office. Strategically placed stations will promote proper lens cleaning techniques extending the life of prescription and non-prescription eyewear. The specially developed solution cuts through grease and oil leaving lenses clean and streak free with an Anti-Fog, Anti-Static coating. Tissues are low-lint and non-abrasive. Good for use on plastic, glass and polycarbonate lenses. Also good for use on face shields and goggles.


  • 1200 - 5”x 8” Low-Lint Non Abrasive Tissues.
  • Table Top or Wall Mountable.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • 16 oz. anit-fog, anti static solution